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Hi-Lux is a Modern-Soul band that blends and bends the boundaries between soul, rock n roll, reggae, and funk. This group aims to create music that pays tribute to their myriad of influences Amy Winehouse, The Meters, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings but also claims a spotlight of its own in the musical world. Hi-Lux is on a journey of musical discovery, mixing old and new to create something unique. They released their song full length album The Sluts on June 17, Produced by D.

Sauce has collaborated with visual artists, and the hip hop community.

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In Sauce released Soul Food 4. A self-acclaimed black girl nerd, she originally planned on becoming an engineer and studied computer de at Lincoln University of Missouri. After leaving Lincoln to pursue her true passion of singing and songwriting, she finds that her techy side impacts how she writes music. She aspires to inspire other artists to capitalize in their craft by not putting themselves in a box.

Wednesdays, 10 – Noon, on FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio

This is the thrid single release from th band and ia follow up to their September 13, release of Dolly and other unfinished business is the second official Broken Heart Syndrome. He started singing at the age of 5 years old when he ed his Kindergarten choir and has enjoyed being an entertainer ever since. During this time, he knew that singing would be a part of his everyday life. His versatile range of influences vary from hip-hop to folk to classic rock. Adam first took up the piano at age 4 at the behest of his parents and thus began the endless curiosity that led him to learn any instrument he could get his hands on, be it guitar, banjo, drums, or bass.

Adam ly played bass for The Creepy Jingles. Misha is currently in the studio working on her solo album. She recently released this song as a you Tube Video.

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Misha plays with the band The Freedom Affair. Beyond simply the lyrics, they have added sonic textures that have not ly been explored, thanks to the addition of guitarist Bradley McKellip, bassist Colin Jones, and keyboardist and vocalist Heidi Gluck. Drummer Jim Piller and guitarist Kris Losure have returned as solid mainstays of the band. Guest appearances from lap steel player Mike Stover, pianist Dan Loftus, and vocalist Chase Horseman widen the sonic spectrum even further. Combining his poetic and lyrical talents with a soulful voice, Soultru has forged his own unique sound.


The title track opens the EP as a voyage into soundtrack dreams and sonic imagery. The song builds and builds over 10 minutes, introducing a bevy of interplaying elements and melodies. Mikal leans into the vocals with gentle whispers as Lucas plucks the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Matthew Heinrich merges live drums with the programmed ones until he is one with the machines. The combo is locked-in, as skittering drums, cosmic synths, spacious noise guitars, and a pensive bass riff promise a way out.

The diagram becomes a map, and this is how we find an escape. Invoking the imagery of a late night journey through a cold war Berlin, the synthesizers sizzle and crash and beat against the wall, as the music searches for s of light and freedom across dark urban landscapes.

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Cody Wyoming is also a guitarist with The Pedaljets. Cody grew up in Enid, Oklahoma. Stacy Busch is a composer and performer. Stacy is the founder and president of No Divide KC, an arts and social justice non-profit that creates artistic events for social causes. Artistically, her work deals with internal conflicts that are often taken abstractly from her personal experiences with addiction and bipolar disorder.

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These experiences of duality both in the mind and body are universal and her work expresses this underlying human vulnerability. The Mid America Freedom Band is premiering her double concerto piece for two drag queens.

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It has also been performed by ensembles including: loadbang, Bent Frequency and the Beo String Quartet. Prior to studying music, Stacy studied print journalism at Boston University. Stacy is the founder and president of No Divide KCan arts and social justice non-profit that creates artistic events for social causes. The festival will include artists representing all mediums. Music, dance, spoken word, poetry, multimedia, installation, interactive performance, photography, paint, mixed media, video, etc.

All live performance and visual art forms are accepted. No Divide KC uses the arts as a vehicle for stimulating social awareness, participation and community building.

No Divide KC partners with Kansas City-based artists and organizations to create artistic events that are focused on the stories of underserved and misrepresented communities in Kansas City. Ingrid Ingram is a trans-femme musician who uses samples and traditional instruments to create erratic and dreamy soundscapes. Many of the sounds used in these earlier two releases were recorded on a phone during a two-year period of travel around the United States and stitched together on friends laptops.

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Our first question to Ingrid was, are you worried? About 1. Women are diagnosed about three times as often as men. It appears to become less common among older people. Up to half of people improve over a ten-year period.

There is an ongoing debate about the naming of the disorder, especially the suitability of the word borderline. The disorder is often stigmatized in both the media and the psychiatric field. When we asked Ingrid Ingram about her musical influences and she told us about Micachu and the Shapes. She is an English singer, songwriter, composer and producer. The band ed to Accidental Records. Most of this music prominently features an acoustic half-guitar with various non-standard tunings, extensive distortion, and use of noise and found-object elements, as well as occasionally unusual time atures.


Despite these experimental leanings, the artist categorizes her output with the Shapes as pop music. Ingrid told us about jumping into an already established band that have been playing together for several years and that is was especially fun because Ingrid was a big fan.

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Ingrid grew up in Raytown, Missouri and was home-schooled. Ingrid Ingram plays bass in The Creepy Jingles. Peter studied at University of Kansas. Peter released the debut EP solo project R. Peter on July 5, Manor Records described R. Ivy Roots released her debut album Bad Intuition on April 14, Nick writes aggressive piano rock music. Act One, is a modern take on the vibe of the s.

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Amy writes music to bring her honest lyrics to life. She is a mother of three and works as a professional photographer and personal chef. Amy was our guest on WMM on March 4.

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We will be releasing his new self titled album digitally on June 26, followed by a vinyl release later this summer. Thanks to New Commute you can check out the lead single and corresponding video at the below link. She resides in Kansas City, MO, and is slowly attempting world domination.

Members include Belle Loux on lead vocals, John Loux on guitar. Belle has said that in the past 4 years the band has grown to have more of a darker, glam rock sound, grittier and grungier. Mixed by Kadesh Flow.

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Mastered by Bill Beats. Hopefully they get you fired up as well. At age 11, he began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. His music has been featured on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia. Kadesh performs as a solo hip hop artist.

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Jake Wells was born in Florida grew up in Colorado. He has performed on stages since he was a teenager. His single releases are currently gaining radio play in the Midwest on several FM stations.

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At we talk with Stacy Buschfounder and president of No Divide KCan arts and social justice non-profit that creates artistic events for social causes. Hadreas studied painting in school and took piano lessons as. His mother was a special education teacher, and is now an assistant principal at a middle school. His parents divorced when he was a teenager. Growing up, Hadreas was the only openly gay student at his school, and he received death threats which were not addressed by the administration.

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He dropped out of high school during his senior year. Two years after dropping out, he was attacked by several young men in his neighborhood. He moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and worked as a doorman for a club in the East Village.

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InHadreas returned home to Seattle and began recording music. InHadreas set up a MySpace under the name Perfume Genius, and thus began his music career.

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